Bristol Comic Expo Artists

After the huge success of the Bristol Comic Expo, we thought we would provide some of the highlights of this years event.

David Lloyd
A celebrated British artist, best known for illustrating Alan Moore’s comic V for Vendetta. The dystopian adventure was adapted into a popular film in 2006 and the stylised Guy Fawkes mask that Lloyd created for the comic has since become a mainstay in popular culture, frequently worn by protesters across the world, including the Occupy movements of 2011.

Martin Asbury
He commenced work as a strip cartoon illustrator, including writing and illustrating Garth for The Daily Mirror. He now works as a storyboard artist on feature films and his impressive credit list includes Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale, Da Vinci Code, Batman Begins, Tomb Raider, Evita and Chicken Run.

Pier Gallo
An Italian comic artist, based in Sardinia. He has worked across Europe and started working for DC Comics in 2010. He’s since worked on Jeff Lemire’s run on Superboy.

Yishan Li
A UK/Chinese Manga artist who currently lives in Bristol. She’s been drawing manga since she was in school and has been published internationally including China, USA, France and the UK.

Brunel’s Old Station is the preferred venue of the Bristol Comic Expo ( because of its central location adjoining Temple Meads station and easy public transport links.

For more details about the 2013 comic show, go to

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