The Spring Love Food Festival

Fabulous local chefs will be plying their trades at the Love Food Spring festival held at Brunel’s Old Station this weekend.

Not only can you sample their excellent cooking but these masters of cuisine will be teaching Bristol residents how to make dishes for themselves at home on a shoestring budget.

Look out for Rachel Demuth of Demuths cookery school, Josh Eggleton from The Pony and Trap, Liz Knight of Forage and Sam Moody of The Bath Priory.

Handily any ingredients they use in their sumptuous concoctions will be available to buy in the huge indoor food market which will occupy the large hall of Brunel’s.

Spring Love Food Festival

Sought after producers such as The Black Mountains Smokery, Trealy Farm, Thoughtful Bread and Quickes Cheddar will be selling their very best foods.

On top of our incredibly popular demonstration theatre, The Red and White wine school will host a tasting room. There master guides Liam Steevenson and Ben Austin will teach you how to taste wine and appreciate its provenance. They will even introduce you to some superb ales and cheeses that complement certain dishes perfectly.

And to round off what is a paradise for gourmands there will be an amazing array of street food dishes from around the world including The Gaucho BBQ, Gourmet chorizo, Agnes Spencers Jerk chicken, ‘The Kernow Creperie’ and more.

For further information or to get involved in what promises to be an unforgettable event at Brunel’s Old Station contact

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