How to Create Seasonal Events

Event organisers can be tempted to see the winter season as an obstacle to their success – because who wants to leave the house and potentially queue for hours if it’s blowing a gale outside?

But in fact if you are willing to plan around the seasons and work them into your event calendar then they can be your best friend.

How to create exciting winter festivals

Autumn is a peak time of year for events because there are traditional seasonal holidays. Halloween is still more popular in America than the UK but arguably it is the other way around where Christmas is concerned.

Americans also have Thanksgiving, which is a similar festival (in that it aims to bring the whole family together), taking place shortly before Xmas.

So if you want to plan something for Autumn that really shouldn’t be too much trouble or require too much imagination.

However it is after Christmas, in the real dead of winter, that people usually struggle for inspiration for events. But with the winter warmer theme you can never go wrong – something that sounds earthy and hearty like a cider festival is ideal, a chance to get together and have fun with friends away from the biting cold.

Fashions shows are also a great event to hold indoors, especially at a time of year when clothing is at the forefront of people’s minds.

Once you are through the January lull then there is Valentine’s day, which is always a popular time to hold an event as couples are on the lookout for something original and romantic to do, such as a Valentine’s ball. So if you’re looking to make the most of the seasons then contact Brunel’s Old Station today, we have a track record of holding amazing events no matter what time of year it is.

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