Location, Location, Location

Event management is a complex, time-consuming, frustrating and stressful job but it is also has great rewards when the event goes well.

Selecting the right destination and the right venue is key to ensure that your audience is motivated by the country, inspired by the venue and even more importantly can travel there as hassle free as possible.

First you need to start with your audience. Who are they? Employees, customers, partners. Why are they invited? What sort of people are they – age, gender, job role? What ROI do you want out of the event: increase in business, skills training, increase in performance/productivity, networking or is it just a thank you with no strings attached!

If you are running an incentive trip for your top performers or customers, then the destination certainly has to be motivating. Whether you choose short haul or long haul depends on the duration of your trip most importantly and as always on your budget. As event organisers it can be easy to dismiss the ‘tried and tested’ destinations but remember that your audience may not be as well travelled as you – so Bristol may still be on their wish list. If your travellers have ‘been there and bought the t-shirt’, then some of the emerging destinations such as Cambodia may seem interesting, but you still need reassurance that the infrastructure and service levels are what you need for your group.

If looking to take guests overseas, always check out the Foreign and Commonwealth website to ensure that your destination is safe to travel to.

Once a destination has been selected, you need to think about a hotel: do you want city centre or resort; is it a business meeting or an incentive or both, how long do you want to travel from the airport, are you keen for your group not to be distracted by shopping opportunities! Knowing your audience and your ROI will help you achieve the answer to this.

From: Event Organiser’s Guide

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